How to choose digital oscillating knife cutting machine ?

How to choose the right Digital CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine ?

There are many oscillating cutting machines in the market at present, many users don't know how to choose it when they buy it,here are some tips for buying a oscillation cutting machine for your reference:

* Cutting precision 
The precision of Digital oscillation knife cutting machine that every mechanical manufacturer can provide now is about ±0.2mm,there should be a complete procedures for test fiberglass cutting accuracy before delivery.Through testing, we can fully grasp the flatness of the cutting platform and the synchronization control level of the control system.

* Cutting speed
After meet the demand of digital oscillating knife cutting precision then we can talk about with the cutting speed, adopt Japan Panasonic servo motors and drivers, provide optimum cutting performance and fast, accurate results.

* Automatic layout optimization
Digital oscillating cutting machine operation simple, easy to understand and not complicated,the graphics library should be more flexible and AutoCAD graphics also can be used in typography.

* Easy maintenance
The machine is equipped with I/O signals and sensors,if the some device of the fiberglass cutting cnc machine meet problem,you see the I/0 signal state on the LED screen, it is more convenience and easy to find fault and replace the parts. 

* Saving consumption
Digital oscillation knife cutting machine with fast cutting speed anf high cutting precision,save time,save labor and save cost.machine cutting with knife blade, without  burn & smoke that good to the environment protection .

* More safe for operation
Equipped with infrared security devices , can effectively protect the safety of the operator.