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Split handheld fiber laser marking machine

Split Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine  

1. The whole machine is light weight, small size, easy to carry. The  galvanometer can be rotated to 90 degrees according to the requirements of side marking, suitable for pipeline work.
2. Desktop and portable dual-use design, you can not only finish desktop fiber marking by a fixed bracket ,but  also complete the hand-held marking by removable hand.
3. Comes with fixed auto-focus bracket ,easy to use, save time and labor.
4. Laser in the fiber wave by the increase in oscillation, good stability, free from external dust and mechanical loosening of the impact of the output of the laser beam stability.
5. Maintenance-free operation, the laser without any maintenance, do not have to adjust or clean the lens, no supplies.
6. the processing speed is fast, and the processing speed is 2-3 times of the traditional laser marking machine.
7. excellent Spot quality, high peak power, in the same material, the marking effect is best
8. Wear automatic lift platform, integrated air-cooled system, integrated design,with the beautiful appearance.

Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine is applicated in Electronic Components , Apparatus and Meter, Instrument, Hardware Tools, Automobile Parts, Mechanical Parts, Daily Necessities, Jewelry Rings , Food, drinking packing, precision identification and printing of high-end products, such as precision instruments, gift accessories, medical instruments, etc.Typical application such as plastic, thermal insulation strip laser flight marking, metal plate automatic and down materials laser marking, box body online laser marking machine, etc.

Technical Parameters  


GW-30F Handheld Fiber laser marking machine

Laser device

Raycus / JPT / IPG

Central emission wavelength:


Average output power

30W / 50W / 60W / 70W / 80W / 100W / 120W

Beam Radiation Angle


Modulation frequency range

20--200KHz / 1KHz~4000KHz

Pulse Duration


Beam Quality


Marking Depth

>0.5mm (depending on the materials)

Maximum speed




Repeat location accuracy


Emission Bandwidth (FWHM)

<10 nm

Long-term average power instability


Laser switching ON/OFF time

180 μsec

Energy per pulse (PRR = 20 kHz)

0.95 mJ


SINO SG7110 high speed Galvo

F-Theta lens

Wavelength ZnSe

Working area

110 * 110mm / 175*175mm / 200*200mm / 300*300mm

Working stability (8h)


Minimum line width


Minimum character height


Sheet label marking time

≤ 90 s (depend on the content)

Control board

BJ-JCZ, USB interface

Consume Power


Cooling mode

Air cooling

The Max input power

220V 50/60Hz

Environmental Requirement


Graphic Format Supported



3 years for machine, 2 years for laser source

Delivery time

3 working days

Packing size





Machine Details 

Fiber laser source: adopt international top brand fiber laser source, like: Raycus, JPT (LP/M7), IPG, SPI for option as you prefer.

Handheld handle: split design can be moving according to processing needs, more convenite & easy marking.

Focus circle: it's fixed focus length that can directly marking the objects. if you dont need it, also can removel it.

Galvo: adopt SINO SG7710 / 2206 high speed galvo, if you prefer also can option Germany SCANLAB Galvo.

Control switch:  Adopt high quality Yijia brand buttons, humanized control, easy operate.

Machine accessories: User Manual, S.S Ruler, Power Cable, Foot switch, Goggle, software U-disk, spanner, etc.


Q: What are the consumables of the fiber laser marking machine?
A: Mainly electricity, basically no other consumables. 
Q:How long is the working life of the machine?
A: Laser source life time is 100,000 hours. 8h/day, can use 12500 days, 24h/day, can use 4166 days.
Q: Can I get some discount if I order more ?
A: Yes, more sets more cheaper.
Q: How long your machine can be shipped?
A: When you confirmed the order and transfer the deposit, 3 working days for the small order, 10~15 days for the bulk.
Q: Can you offer me OEM service?
A:Yes,However,you should give me more request and info as you can.
Q: How to choose most suitable machine? 
A: 1. Please tell us what kind of work you would like the machine to do? Engraving, cutting, marking?
 2. What kind of materials mainly? Cutting/engraving, Max thickness for cutting?
 3. How big working area you need?
4. or Please provide a photo of the product you used before or advise us your needs, we will give suggestion.
Q: What's your MOQ? 
A: MOQ 1 set. If more, we can talk about discount. You can mix it with other laser machines or parts shipping together . 
Q: What is your terms of payment ?
A:  30--100% in advance by T/T in advance, balance before shippment.
Q: Can I get a sample to check the quality ?
A: Yes, we are glad to offer you sample for test, And there is a discount for Trade Assurance Sample Order.
Q: If there is any technical help after we receive the machine?
A: Yes, we have perfect after-sale service team to supply technical support to our customers.
Our technical can assist you to install machine and give you free training after you receive machine.
Q: If there is some problems for parts during warranty period, will your company repair or replace for me?
A: Yes, we will. Please send the main part back to our company, we will repair and send  back them to you for free within warranty time. If the problem part can not be repaired well, we will send new one to you within warranty time for free.  PS: Not including the consumable parts and Man-made damage.
Q: Will the machine will send to my door?
A: 1. Usually for large size and heavy machine, we will quote CFR price. The best shipping way for the large and heavy goods is by sea or air. We ship the goods by sea for shipping free to your base seaport in your country ( Need you  find broker help you to do customs clearance ).
2. For small size machine, we can quote price with DHL express cost. Then the machine can send to your door.
Q: Can I buy spare parts from your company if I have spare parts in the future?
A: Yes, please. Our company supply spare parts for all of our machine.  
Q: Give me reasons to chose your company ?
A: 1.Professional factory with competitive price;
2. High quality control and perfect service: All of our machine are adopted top quality parts → Test machine work well for 3 days before delivery → sent working video and all items photos base on the order list to buyer to check → buyer check everything is included and satisfied → Professional plywood package to avoid damage → shipping machine.
3. Supply technical support all life time for our machine; We have professional after-sale service team to supply technical support to our clients for free. You can talk with them at any time if you need.
4. Strict implementation of after-sales warranty.
5. The important is that you will receive the corresponding goods after you do payment. 

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Portable Handheld 30W Fiber Laser Marking Machine more easy moving and operating.It has wisely using for heavy product not easy moving objects, like steel shelf, tank, wheels, etc and some part of non-metal marking. Also can standard marking in workshop / home.