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200W Desktop Jewelry Repairing Lazer Spot Welder Mini Laser Welding Machine

200W Desktop Jewelry Repairing Lazer Spot Welder Mini Laser Welding Machine


* The welded material is not easily oxidized and can be welded in the atmosphere without the need for gas protection or vacuum environment.
* Laser can directly weld insulation materials, making it easier to weld dissimilar metal materials, and can even weld metals and non-metals together.
*The laser welding device does not need to contact the workpiece to be welded. The laser beam can be bent or focused in any direction by a reflector or deflection prism, and can also be led to inaccessible parts by Optical fiber for welding.
*The laser beam will not cause any wear and can work stably for a long time.
*High precision: The laser beam can accurately control the shape and size of the weld seam.
*Small deformation: because the heating time in the laser welding process is very short, there will be less distortion.
*Good weld quality: due to the narrow weld width generated during laser welding, the weld quality is very high and is not easily affected by the external environment.

Technical Parameter:
Model   GW-200JW

Input power


Output power


Welding depth 0.1-3.0mm
Max single pulse energy


Laser wavelength


Laser spot diameter


Power range


Pulse width




Work focus distance



AC110 ~ 220V;  50/60HZ

Power plug




Observation system

Microscope or HD CCD

Cooling   Water cooling
Working temperature 55F(13C)-82F(28c)
Working Humidity 5%-75%

Size & Weight

600*400*500mm /  40KG


Machine Details

HD Microscopes: Microscope can enlarge the welding objects and ensure good vision of tiny parts. The welding clarity can be adjusted.

Params Panel: LCD touch screen controller with built-in software the adjustment of params is easy. You can keep different params for different materials and can search directly when need.

Cooling System: With internal water cooling and air cooling circulation to make the machine work in good condition.

LED Light: It will help the user see the work pieces welding process more clearly. And can manual adjust its luminance.

Gas Blow Pipe: Blow in protect gas such as N2. Ar. He. can protect the lens from sputtering of metal droplets ad protect the weld from oxidation during welding.


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Special purpose for jewelry industry, Compact size.
Used in jewelry, diamond ring pendants, Accessories  necklaces, etc.
Stable performance and mature industry, High cost performance.
Less maintenance and cheap consumables.