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Jinan Godworker Machinery Co.,Ltd established in 2009, Specialized in in the production, design, manufacturing, trade and service of CNC Laser Plasma machines, and provide high quality and good efficienct CNC Laser Plasma machines worldwide. 


With a rich experiences and strong staff team, Brand "GODWORKER" gained success in:

CNC router machines (Woodworking CNC routers, stone/marble CNC routers, CNC mould machines, 4/5 axis CNC routers, CNC machinie centers, Cabinet furniture CNC machines, CNC turning lathe machines, CNC spare parts). 

Laser machines (Laser marking machines, CO2 laser engraving cutting machines, metal laser cutting machine, 3D inner laser engraving machine and laser spare parts).

Plasma cutting machines, Digital oscillating cutting machines and another cnc machines.

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5W Huaray UV flying mask laser marking machine shipping to South Korea


5W Huaray UV laser; OUYA High speed Galvo; CNF-160 touch control panel; Omron encode and sensor; S&A CWUL-05 water chiller;

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60W JPT MOPA 3D fiber laser marking machine ready shipping to Canada


Support 3D data editing, rapid realization of 3D surface marking, relief processing Dynamic compensation algorithm, ensure wide focus consistency, better effect Support multi file formats & coding, importing of drawing software, vector graphic,text,etc

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GW-1390CX 180W CCD Camera laser cutting machine shipping to Peru


1390CX CCD Camera laser cutter mainaly for cutting sign, label, etc Widely using for clothing Bag industries 180W laser tube, Module transmission, open case protector, alaram light

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GW-6080F Jewelry fiber laser cutting machine shipping to United Kingdom


Thanks for United Kingdom Customer support and trust that choose our GW-6080F fiber laser cutting machine for prcoess Gold, Silver (Jewelry Industry)

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1610 / 6040 laser cutter and 30W laser marking machine shipping to Bangladesh


1610C double heads laser cutting machine, 6040 desktop laser cutting machine, 30W fiber laser marking machine ship

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GW-2030M Woodworking CNC Router shipping to Ireland


Large size 2000*3000mm woodworking machine widly useing for interior renovation, cabinet door, door, advertising, etc CE standard configurations

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