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5W online flying UV laser marking machine


Product Description:

 UV Laser Marking Machine Features:    
1.Using the China Huaray UV laser, three times optical resonant cavity frequency doubling output 355nm wavelength laser, electro-optical conversion efficiency, high beam quality is TEM100 mode.
2.UV laser is a cold light source, heat-affected zone is small, excellent beam quality to create ultra fine marking results.
3.Imported scanning, marking fast, suitable for both micro-cutting and drilling.
4.High peak power and a few characteristics of thermal effects, is very suitable alumina, zirconia ceramic cutting drilling.
5.The laser 20,000 hours maintenance free, no supplies, use of low cost, energy saving
6.One of the modular design, easy maintenance, compact.
7.Mark Green, ROHS standards.
8.The software can receive DXF, PLT, BMF, AI, JPG and other formats, and can automatically generate serial number and production date, barcode, two-dimensional code.

UV Laser Marking Machine Application:     
Mainly used in ultra-fine processing of high-end market, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, video and other polymer materials, the surface of the bottle marking, the effect is very fine, marking cleaning firm, better than ink-jet and no pollution; flexible PCB board marking, Scribing; silicon wafer micropores, blind hole processing; LCD liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code marking,
glassware surface drilling, metal surface coating marking, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communications equipment, building materials, etc.

UV Laser Marking Machine For Materials:     
It is widely used for metal or nonmetal's surface marking to make up for the lack of IR Laser's processing ability. The main applicable materials are electronic products shell marking, battery charger, data line, mobile phone, computer fitting marking, electronic components, jewellery, horologe marking, PCB, FPC marking and cutting, Glass product marking, metal, alloys marking and plastics material's marking, etc.

UV Laser Marking Machine For Industries: 
Widely used in leather, food, beverage, cloth, electronic, meter, communication instruments, package and other industries, can be combined with streamline for online marking.

Technical Parameters:


GW-5UL UV Flying Laser marking Machine

Output power


Laser type

355nm Huaray UV Laser

Working area


Pulse length


Beam Quality M2


Min Line Width


Mini line speed


Min Character


Frequency tuning Q


Marking Speed


Marking Depth


Repeat Precision



Single phase 220V, 50/60Hz

Machine power



Water Cooling 

System Composition

Control System (Touch screen)

Working Environment

Clean and Dust Free

Operating Temperature



5% to 75% (Free of Condensed Water)


2 years

Packing size


Gross Weight


Details Images:

Details Images:



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UV laser marking machine use the wavelength of 355nm ultraviolet laser, which has very small focus spot and can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation and processing heat effect of the material.UV laser is mainly used for ultra-fine marking, especially suitable for food, pharmaceutical, microporespunching, face-mask, high-speed cutting of glass materials and the complex graphic cutting of silicon wafers.