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5W 10W 3D UV Laser Marking Machine for curved surface marking

5W 10W 3D UV Laser Marking Machine 

GODWORKER 3d laser uv laser marking machine adopts INNO FOTIA (AOC) 355nm uv laser, equipped with high-speed / precision FEELTEK U10/U20 3D dynamic focus galvanometer and special software and control system.
3D curve surface making is different from flat marking and it has higer demands for the machine marking system. 3D dynamic fousing system can help to quickly change the laser focal length and laser beam position for better marking effect. It is suitable for large size flat marking and curve surface marking which need to change the focal length whenever necessary during marking.

Advantages of  3d UV laser marking machine:
1.The heat affected area is extremely small, no heat effect will occur, no material burning problem will occur, "a coldlight source".
2.The beam quality is excellent, focusing spot is more smaller and can be realized ultra-fine marking, application is more widly.
3.Ultra-fine marking and special material marking are the first choice for customers who have higher requirements for marking effect.
4.Stable performance, small size, low power consumption, high electro-optical conversion efficiency and long service life;
5.Suitable for processing materials with a large response to thermal radiation.
6. Realizes various 3D marking modes such as inclined plane, step difference, cylinder, cone, spherical surface, and extruded surface;
7. On the marking workpiece, the target marking graphics can be better presented to avoid deformation such as elongation and inclination. Make the engraved pattern closer to its original form.
8. The machine can be equipped with automatic lifting, rotating and other functions.

Technical Parameters 




Laser power



Model Number





Pulse Duration



Marking area

110*110*40mm -- 200*200*120mm / (300~600mm)*150mm

Marking speed

600~1000 Character/second

Marking line width


Marking line speed




(M2)Beam Quality(M2)


Beam Circularity


Beam Full Divergence Angle


Beam Expander Inside


Polarization Ratio



Feeltek 3D Dynamic focus system U10

Control board

LenMark 3DS, support USB interface (I/O port)

Supported Windows

WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10

Average Power Stability


Operating Temp.&RH

15ºC~35ºC; 20 ~ 80%

Cooling Mode


Consume power



Single phase 110 / 220V, 50/60Hz

Packing size


Gross Weight


Machine Details   

Laser source: adopt top brand uv laser source, like: JPT, AOC, Huaray, Inngu for option as you prefer.

Dynamic focus system: Feeltec U10/U20 3D axis system.

Control cabinet: MW Power supply, Galvo 24V power supply, feeltek Control card, etc.

Water chiller: cooling laser source, can make machine long time stable working.


Machine accessories: Power cable, U-disk of software, tools, User Manual, Padel, Test Report, etc.

Machine package: 


 Q: What are the consumables of the UV laser marking machine?

A: Mainly electricity, basically no other consumables. 
Q:How long is the working life of the machine?
A: The theoretical working life of the laser source is 100,000 hours, which depends on the environment in which it is used and laser source brands.
Q: Can I get some discount if I order more ?
A: Yes,The more you order,the more you save.
Q: How long your machine can be shipped?
A: When you confirmed the order and transfer the deposit, 3 working days for the small order, 10~15 days for the bulk.
Q: Can you offer me OEM service?
A:Yes,However,you should give me more request and info as you can.
Q: How to choose most suitable machine? 
A: 1. Please tell us what kind of work you would like the machine to do? Engraving, cutting, marking?
 2. What kind of materials mainly? Cutting/engraving, Max thickness for cutting?
 3. How big working area you need?
4. or Please provide a photo of the product you used before or advise us your needs, we will give suggestion.
Q: What's your MOQ? 
A: MOQ 1 set. If more, we can talk about discount. You can mix it with other laser machine parts shipping together . 
Q: What is your terms of payment ?
A:  30--100% in advance by T/T in advance, balance before shippment.
Q: Can I get a sample to check the quality ?
A: Yes, we are glad to offer you sample for test, And there is a discount for Trade Assurance Sample Order.
Q: If there is any technical help after we receive the machine?
A: Yes, we have perfect after-sale service team to supply technical support to our customers.
Our technical can assist you to install machine and give you free training after you receive machine.
Q: If there is some problems for parts during warranty period, will your company repair or replace for me?
A: Yes, we will. Please send the main part back to our company, we will repair and send  back them to you for free within warranty time. If the problem part can not be repaired well, we will send new one to you within warranty time for free.  PS: Not including the consumable parts and Man-made damage.
Q: Will the machine will send to my door?
A: 1. Usually for large size and heavy machine, we will quote CFR price. The best shipping way for the large and heavy goods is by sea or air. We ship the goods by sea for shipping free to your base seaport in your country ( Need you  find broker help you to do customs clearance ).
2. For small size machine, we can quote price with DHL express cost. Then the machine can send to your door.
Q: Can I buy spare parts from your company if I have spare parts in the future?
A: Yes, please. Our company supply spare parts for all of our machine.  
Q: Give me reasons to chose your company ?
A: 1.Professional factory with competitive price;
2. High quality control and perfect service: All of our machine are adopted top quality parts → Test machine work well for 3 days before delivery → sent working video and all items photos base on the order list to buyer to check → buyer check everything is included and satisfied → Professional plywood package to avoid damage → shipping machine.
3. Supply technical support all life time for our machine; We have professional after-sale service team to supply technical support to our clients for free. You can talk with them at any time if you need.
4. Strict implementation of after-sales warranty.
5. The important is that you will receive the corresponding goods after you do payment. 

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3D curve surface making is different from flat marking and it has higer demands for the machine marking system. 3D dynamic fousing system can help to quickly change the laser focal length and laser beam position for better marking effect. It is suitable for large size flat marking and curve surface marking which need to change the focal length whenever necessary during marking.